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The Formative Years (1972-1987)

Crescent Lake Regional Sno-riders was formed in December of 1972 in the midst of the original snowmobiling boom.  This club, like most, was born out of necessity to promote responsible snowmobiling and to develop a trail system in the general area around Crescent Lake.  The club has been a member of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association since day one.


In just a few short years, the active group of members, such as Art and Lorraine Dion, Joe Raymond, Bob Spaulding, Vern and Dot Taylor, and Carl Fidelski had created an extensive trail network in our area.  They had built two small, trail-side, warming huts, Gove Hill (Carl’s Castle) and Perry Mountain, and were part of the original corridor trail network, with the inception of I.T.T. 5, which became Corridor #5.


Trail grooming was done primarily by personally-owned snowmobiles, and narrow pipe drags.   Chauncey Rabtoy was contracted to use his Alpine, and Bombardier drag to maintain Corridor #5 south to Five Points in Acworth. 


The club used grant-in-aid for winter grooming when the program formed through the State of New Hampshire Bureau of Off-Highway Vehicles.  The club did not use any other funding for the construction of bridges, etc.   All construction was done with free and inexpensive materials. 


Meetings were held for a long time in different homes, and eventually moved to the basement of the West Unity Church.   Many meetings were pot-luck dinners, and with the meeting on a Saturday night, they would be well attended by our members from the local area as well as from out-of-state.

Our Grooming Fleet

1995 Tucker Sno-Cat 1000 purchased in 2006 with the assistance of RTP and State of NH G.I.A.

It will be teamed with a 2006 AFMI 7L Drag for our widest trails in Unity and Acworth.

2000 Tucker Sno-Cat 1000 purchased in 2023 with club funds.

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