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Constitution & Bylaws

ARTICLE I                NAME
A.    Be it known that the name of this group is: The Crescent Lake Regional Sno-Riders Inc.
B.    Be it known that the said club is an incorporated non-profit organization duly registered with the State of New Hampshire. Registration # 060138, Vol. 664, Page 335, Date 12-7-72. Revival: July 29, 1997, Per: 292:30.

ARTICLE II               PURPOSE
A.    To promote snowmobiling as a sport and recreation for its members.
B.    To exchange ideas, trail information, group activities, and information pertinent to the welfare of snowmobiling.
C.    To create, maintain, mark and map a system of trails on public or private land for the use of snowmobiling.
D.    To promote good conduct, sportsmanship, safety, and conservation practices.
E.    To protect the land and rights of landowners who make it possible for snowmobiling to exist.

A.    Any person (16) years of age and over, having an interest in snowmobiling is eligible for membership.
B.    Any person who is under 18 yrs. of age and seeking membership, must supply a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
C.    Any member or applicant for membership, will not be discriminated against for any reason.

A.    The organization will be governed by Officers duly elected by majority vote of its members. Said Officers will include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trail Administrator, Trail Master and 5 Board of Directors.
B.    All elected Officers shall serve for a term of one year and are eligible to serve consecutive terms, except as noted in Article IV, Line C.
C.    Two of the Board of Directors Offices are two-year terms, elected on alternate years.
D.    No Officer, except the Secretary and Treasurer, may hold the same office for a period of more than two consecutive terms.
E.    The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by one person concurrently.
F.    A nominating committee will be appointed by the January meeting. This committee shall present a proposed Slate of Officers at the February meeting, and the election of Officers will be held at the March meeting.
G.    In the event that the process in Article IV, Line F does not take place, nominations will be taken from the floor at the February meeting and elections completed before the close of the March meeting.
H.    At the time when the Election of Officers is on the agenda, the Constitution and By-Laws may be read.
I.    An Auditing Committee consisting of three persons will be nominated and voted upon at the March meeting. Their purpose is to audit the Treasurer’s books and present their findings at the April meeting.
J.    There shall be no financial payment for services in any of these offices.
K.    No Officer or member shall contract any debts for or against the Organization without first being authorized to do so by majority vote of the assembly at any regular meeting.
L.    The Chairperson of any committee will be elected by majority vote at any regular meeting.
M.    Any elected Chairperson may appoint his/her own committee but may waive this privilege if so desired.
N.    A Legal Oversight Committee, consisting of at least 3 persons shall be appointed to review the Constitution and By-Laws and any other Legal matters. There are no term limits.
O.    The rules of Parliamentary Procedure shall be followed.
P.    Exception: Any section of Article IV may be exempted by the majority vote of the assembly at the regular meeting when the elections of Officers are scheduled for agenda.

ARTICLE V               MEETINGS
A.    Regular meetings will be planned for the second Sunday of each month, September through April. The meeting weekend may be changed by notification. Special meetings may be called by order of the President.
B.    Any member who shall commit an act of violence with malice or forethought, causing bodily harm to any other member and /or whose conduct or language shall become unruly during any business meeting or any other official club gathering, may be disqualified for membership. Complaints shall be heard, considered and acted upon by the Board of Directors.
C.    No alcoholic beverages will be permitted or consumed during any business meeting. This does not include gatherings or parties, etc.
D.    The Secretary shall take a count of those members in attendance at each meeting.

ARTICLE VI              DUES
A.    All dues for membership shall be paid on or before the first fall meeting. Dues paid in full will constitute a member in good standing.
B.    Dues for membership will be voted on at the last regular meeting for the following (ensuing) year by majority vote of the assembly ratified by vote at the September meeting.
C.    Effective January 1999, single memberships to the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association are included in the club dues.
D.    Only members in good standing will be entitled to vote and will be eligible when duly nominated or appointed, to serve on any committee.
E.    Any member or new membership will receive a current copy of the Constitution and By-Laws.

A.    A quorum for each meeting shall consist of at least six members of the current membership.
B.    A majority of members present will suffice to render a decision, by vote, at any regular meeting.


The Presiding Officer shall always be addressed by his/her title. When referring to the Officer, he/she should always use his/her official title, e.g.: “It is the opinion of the chair,” etc. The presiding officer shall take the chair and call the meeting to order at the proper time; shall announce in order each item of business; shall state all proper questions and put them to a vote and declare the results of said vote; shall state points of order or course of proceedings when requested or when he/she deems it necessary to do so; shall receive all messages and other communications and announce them to the assembly; shall act for the assembly in signing documents, etc.

The Vice President shall act in place of the President in his/her absence.

As Recording Officer, the Secretary shall keep a correct and complete record of all proceedings and shall read the minutes at the following meeting. In the absence of the President and Vice President, he/she shall call the meeting to order and shall occupy the Chair while the assembly proceeds to elect a Chairperson Pro-Tem. The Secretary shall read all papers to be acted upon when requested to do so; shall call the roll when necessary; shall hand to the Chairperson of every committee appointed, a list of the persons on the committee and a statement of the matter entrusted to them; shall make out, in order, and present to the presiding officer before each meeting, a list of all committees; shall have custody of all papers and documents; shall sign his/her name to the minutes and shall authenticate by his/her signature alone, or with that of the Presiding Officer, all the acts, orders, and proceedings of the assembly.

The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds of the club and shall pay them out upon order of the assembly, signed by the Secretary. His/her annual report shall be given at the March meeting and will announce the amount of money in the treasury at the beginning of the year, the amount received during the year, the amount paid out, and the balance on hand. He/she shall keep an itemized account of all income and payments and shall keep itemized receipts for all payments made. Said accounts and receipts shall be submitted as part of the annual report at the March meeting. His/her report and records may be examined by the Auditing Committee. The Treasurer's report must be approved by a majority vote of the assembly.

The Trail Administrator must maintain accurate records of all land use listings under his/her control. The Trail Administrator shall be free to call upon any club member for assistance in making trail layouts and land use permission. He/she shall also be responsible for appointing a Trail Master. He/she has the authority to pursue any and all means of funding to maintain current trail systems; e.g., grants, donations, etc.

The Trail Master shall assist the Trail Administrator and act in place of the Trail Administrator in his/her absence and shall be appointed by the Trail Administrator.

 NOTE: When circumstances warrant, any wording that relates to Male may be substituted with Female, and Club for Assembly.

1.    Call Meeting to Order
2.    Roll Call of Officers
3.    Reading of the Minutes
4.    Treasurer's Report
5.    Communications
6.    Committee Reports
7.    Trail Reports
8.    Old or Unfinished Business
9.    New Business
10.    Bills and Account
11.    Closing the Meeting


Section I
These By-Laws may be amended by presentation of such proposed amendments in writing by any member in good standing, at any regular meeting to be voted upon at the next regular meeting (after all members have been notified of such proposal), and may be adopted by two-thirds vote of members present.

Section II
In the event of dissolution of the club, all property and money in the name of the club shall be donated to a charitable organization or organizations at the discretion of the officers and members.



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