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The Second Era (1988-2002)

The club’s next phase of existence was marked by many significant changes.  The club began to invest in grooming equipment and began to use more grant-in-aid funding for construction and trail maintenance. 


Trail grooming equipment was a priority during this period.  In 1988 the club owned a 1971 Moto-Ski Grand-Prix and a Trac-Pac drag, and a 1974 Polaris Electra and a pipe drag.   During  this period the club purchased (and sold) a 1971 Skidoo Alpine (The Colonel), 1976 Skidoo Alpine 640 w/Bombardier drag, a 1987 Skidoo Alpine w/Bombardier drag (copy), 1991 Polaris Widetrack, a 1998 Skidoo Skandic SWT w/Mogul Master 804 drag, a 2001 Skidoo Skandic SWT w/Mogul Master 804 drag, and a 2003 Skidoo Skandic SWT w/Mogul Master 804 drag.  By the end of 2002 the 1991 Polaris was the oldest machine that we still owned.  These purchases were important to improve our trail quality, and remain active.  It was financially challenging, in that the club relied almost solely on dues, and donations to raise funds.


The club was awarded the Polaris Grant in 1993, 1994, and in 1995 for work on our warming huts.  Gove Hill was upgraded.  Perry Mountain was torn down and rebuilt at the top of the mountain. 


Corridor #5 was joined by Primary 390 as another trail traversing our system on the state-wide trail map.  Bridges were built stronger and slightly wider, and would in most cases last a decade for us.   Excavation projects were performed on a few trails, but were done on a limited basis as there weren’t enough funds to cover our 50% contribution with state grants.   


Meetings were moved from the church to the Unity Fire Department for convenience and space.  The club became active in the Unity Old Home Day event, and eventually was given the opportunity to use it as a fundraiser.

Our Grooming Fleet

1995 Tucker Sno-Cat 1000 purchased in 2006 with the assistance of RTP and State of NH G.I.A.

It is teamed with a 2006 AFMI 7L Drag for our widest trails in Unity and Acworth.

2000 Tucker 1000 2105.jpg

2000 Tucker Sno-Cat 1000 purchased in 2023 with club funds.

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