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A New Start (2003 - Present)

The club’s current phase could be best described as a new direction.  In 2003 the club began to investigate the possibility of larger grooming equipment, and more significant investment in our trails. 


This has required the club to work harder at a times, but in many ways work smarter.  Significant investment in excavation, major bridge re-construction has been made, and will continue into the future.


Although, Crescent Lake has benefited from the membership bill, our goals are being met by fundraising.  We have raffled 4 snowmobiles, cleaned trash at New Hampshire International Speedway, 4 (in-a-row) successful radar runs, and we have performed contracted services for Harpoon Brewery at 5 events(3 Octoberfests, and 2 Summer BBQ’s). 


In 2003 we purchased a 2004 Skandic SWT, which we replaced with a 2005, and a drag.  In late 2004 we purchased a 1987 ASV Track Truck 2500 on our own to experiment.  Although, not a great machine, it gave us some degree of  direction, and a vehicle to trade. 


Corridor #5 and Primary 390, were joined with P399, P387, and P384.  And, in 2006 we received RTP and GIA to purchase a 1995 Tucker Sno-Cat 1000 and a 2006 AFMI 7L drag.  This combined with our fleet of (4) Skidoo Skandic SWT’s should make Crescent Lake like snow place else!

Our Grooming Fleet

1995 Tucker Sno-Cat 1000 purchased in 2006 with the assistance of RTP and State of NH G.I.A.

It will be teamed with a 2006 AFMI 7L Drag for our widest trails in Unity and Acworth.

2000 Tucker 1000 2105.jpg

2000 Tucker Sno-Cat 1000 purchased in 2023 with club funds.

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